A Guide to Doing Business in the United Arab Emirates

This is a general guide to certain laws applicable to doing business in the United Arab Emirates (the "U.A.E."). The information contained herein is given by way of general reference only, is not intended to provide legal advice and is not to be relied upon in any factual situation as it does not cover all laws or regulations that may be applicable in all circumstances. No responsibility will be accepted by Ferris & Co for any inaccuracy or omission or statement that might prove to be misleading. Please contact Ferris & Co and arrange for a consultation with our team prior to investing or doing business in the U.A.E.

  1. The Country at a Glance
  2. General Considerations
    1. Political System
    2. Legal System
    3. Financial System
    4. Tax
    5. Customs Duties
    6. Telecommunications
  3. Foreign Exchange; Investment
    1. Foreign Exchange
    2. Direct Investment
  4. Structures for Doing Business
    1. Company Structures
    2. Government Participation and Restrictions
    3. Investment Methods
  5. Termination of a Business
    1. Dissolution and Liquidation
    2. Insolvency/Bankruptcy
  6. Labor
  7. Immigration Requirements
    1. Immigration Requirements/Formalities
    2. Visas